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Balm Starter Combo
Bundle and Save 10%




If you’re new to your beard or just new to the idea of pampering that bad boy, this is the set for you. It has everything you need to get started: our double-sided walnut beard comb, a bar of all-natural beard soap and a full-sized can of Outdoor Beards beard balm. Just pick your soap and your beard balm scent and we’ll get it right to you!

Ultimate Beard Care Combo includes:

Double Sided Walnut Beard Comb: This beard comb is so beautiful that if you didn’t already have a beautiful beard, you’d want to grow one just to use it. Our beard comb is double sided with a fine and a wide tooth side, so it’s useful for different beard types and purposes. And at approximately 4 inches long, it’s perfectly pocket-sized. Why use a wooden beard comb? Using a natural product like wood provides several benefits to your beard. Wood is naturally anti-static, so it contributes to controlling those fly-aways. In addition, the natural wood fibers absorb your natural beard oils as well as the nutritious boils from your beard balm and spread it throughout your beard as you comb. That mean that your comb actually gets better as you use it!

Beard and Body Soap, in Daybreak, Dark Night or The Forest: Regular soap might do a good job of getting all the BBQ sauce out of your beard, but it also strips away the natural oils that your face produces to keep your chin fur healthy. Outdoor Beards Beard and Body Soap is specially blended to clean out the food particles while leaving as much of the natural oils as possible. At the same time, the other oils we use in making our Beard and Body Soap help supplement and enhance your beard’s natural health regimen. Our Beard and Body Soap is designed to be cleansing and conditioning for your beard while being safe for your entire body. These handmade soaps are long lasting with rich lather and, since we use all-natural ingredients, they’re safe on your beard and on the environment. Whether you’re coming back from a week-long hike, an afternoon in a greasy engine or a day pounding your keyboard, our soap will leave your conscience as clean as your beard.

Beard Balm, in Lost in the Woods, Caught in a Storm, Under the Stars, Around the Campfire, On the Rocks, S’more Please!, Grandma’s Pie, Something Sweet, Grandpa’s Pipe, Morning Brew or Unscented: Nature can take a toll on your beard. Whether it’s from three weeks in the wilderness or your morning bike ride into work, just living life does not do your beard any favors. Outdoor Beards beard balm nourishes and moisturizes while controlling split ends, dryness, tangles and flyaways. Keep your beard healthy with a daily application of beard balm after your shower (or dip in a mountain spring) and a reapplication whenever things start to get a little wild. Outdoor Beards beard balm is a mixture of natural ingredients and amazing fragrances that keep your beard healthy and smelling great during any adventure.

Additional information

Weight .53 lbs
Soap Scent

Daybreak, Dark Night, The Forest

Beard Balm Scent

Around the Campfire, Caught in a Storm, Grandma's Pie, Grandpa's Pipe, Lost in the Woods, Morning Brew, On the Rocks, S'more Please!, Santa's Beard, Something Sweet, Under the Stars, Unscented


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Bundle and Save 10%”

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