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No-Shave November and You

What is No-Shave November?

At first glance No-shave November is simple – don’t shave for a month, right? Your face gets a little itchy and you and your friends all call each other lumberjacks. Well, there is a little more to it than that.

In 2007 father of eight Matthew Hill past away from colon cancer. He left behind a wife and EIGHT kids. They wanted to honor his memory by fighting back against cancer. Not just colon cancer but any kind of cancer. So in 2009 they started a Facebook page and over the years their idea has raised over $2 million to help cure cancer. How does No-Shave November kick cancer in the teeth?

How it works

Starting November first, your put your razor down and let all your hair grow wild and free for all those patients who lose their hair while going through cancer treatments. Letting your hair be free should save you cash on razors, shaving cream, barber visits, etc. You then take that money that you saved and donate it to a cancer organization of your choice.  If you want to donate straight to No-shave November you can do that here or, if there’s a particular cancer or cancer-fighting organization that’s touched your life, you can donate to any cancer-related organization or charity you wish. The goal is to end cancer, and the sooner the better.

Find a way

With November just around the corner Outdoor Beards would like to encourage everyone to participate in No-Shave November. If you are reading this there’s a decent chance that you already have a beard. There’s no need to shave it off, just find a way to be involved. Get a group of friends or coworkers to join the bearded revolution for the month. Or join events like the The Cinderfella Bearded Princess, a 5-10k race held to raise money for Locks of Love. This is a virtual race, meaning that you choose where and when you run and then report your time back to Cinderfella.

So, Put that beard to good use. And when people ask you about no shave November (and they will) tell them what it stands for, tell them how you are getting involved and, while you’re at it, the awesomeness that is year-round beardom.

Outdoor Beards