I’ve talked before about my bearded journey. It took me some time to commit to growing a nice beard. Here’s a few things that helped get me over the hump and committed to bearded glory:


  1. The look – Men are meant to have beards! Shaving feels like removing part of what makes me a man. Simply put, I’m convinced that having a beard makes you look more manly. And my wife agrees.
  2. The feel – After a good wash and giving the beard balm a few minutes to soak in, my beard just feels so soft. It’s like having a lamb attached to my face. I can’t help but pet it when I’m deep in thought.
  3. No more shaving – I love saving time and I love saving money. You could waste all that time every day scraping your face with sharp metal, or just a few seconds a day shaping your beard. And if you buy a nice pre-shave oil, shaving cream, after-shave, and razors and you could be looking at $100. A 2 oz. can of beard balm is $20.
  4. The product, instead of running a sharp blade across my face I get to stroke wonderful smelling balm into my beard every morning. Most of the regular products associated with shaving are designed to make something that’s naturally painful (scraping hair off of your face) marginally less painful. Instead, applying some sweet product to my beard feels amazing.
  5. Healthy skin – With a beard to protect your face from being exposed to the elements (like sun, wind and cold) there is less wear and tear on your skin, meaning it will keep you looking younger, longer.

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