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What is
        Beard Balm?

If you're not familiar with beard balm, it's the core of a healthy beard regime. A paste based on natural waxes, oils and butters, beard balm quickly turns into a liquid with the warmth from your hands. Our private blend of ingredients keeps your beard and skin nourished while encouraging healthy, full beard growth. The wax also helps tame the wildest of beards. Making it look great right now and even better in six months.

How do I use
        Beard Balm?

When you get out of the shower (or a fresh mountain spring or waterfall or whatever), scoop out a small dollop of your selected beard balm scent. The exact amount depends on your beard size, but a dime size scoop is a good place to start. Rub in between your hands to liquefy the beeswax and shea butter, and use your hands to run the balm throughout your beard and you're ready to go. Then if you're about to head out to dinner with a special someone or hike out of the woods and into the nearest town, feel free to reapply to help shape and control your beautiful, healthy beard.


Since I use my beard to think quite often, my beard gets dry quickly and the ends tend to split. I tried Outdoor Beards beard balm recently and absolutely loved it! My girlfriend and I both love the scents available. My favorite is Santa's Beard. This beard balm kept my beard looking/feeling/smelling great all day long.


I’m impressed with the choice of different fragrances. I have been using these for two weeks and have swapped between them each day. This means they wash out well. If you shower daily that is. I like variety when it comes to fragrance, the reason for me; is that I get used to an aroma and then don’t notice it as much. While keeping your beard healthy, you also want it to smell pleasant. For others and of course myself. Since I have to have a full-time relationship with my beard, it might as well smell good!

I’ve just recently started using Outdoor Beards brand beard balm and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. The scents smell great and my wife loves how soft it leaves my beard. I would definitely recommend Outdoor Beards to anyone looking for a good quality beard balm without the greasiness and perfumes that I’ve had with some brands.


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